• Everyone Connected
    Create a better future.

    The best mobile network that is starting
    to revolutionise how we connect with people, places and machines.

  • Y TELECOM boost
    4G capacity

    Y TELECOM have successfully demonstrated how a powerful new Open Radio Access Network (RAN) platform can further boost the capacity of 4G
    where multiple customers are using the same site.

  • If we can connect, we can create a better future.
    The Power of 4G

    we are known for our technology, but the truth is
    it is humanity that drives our business forward.

Y TELECOM Ensure Your Business

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Contact Center

Our agents are fully bilingual, bicultural, well educated and have expertise in a wide array of business functions such as, Customer Service.

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Services We Offer

Call Center Services International's management team has over 35-years of expertise in successfully establishing U.S.

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Service Collection

We will allow you to establish a world-class Collection

Lead Generation

Improve direct response time, increase lead generation

Customer Service

Center with bicultural & bilingual agents

IT Development

We provides the best IT staff in Yemen

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